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Historian viehätystä

Historian viehätys ei ikinä katoa ja ikuinen historian "tutkimukseni" jatkuu... Tällä kertaa olen perehtynyt Anne Boleyniin.

"I grieve and dare not show my discontent,
I love and yet am forced to seem to hate,
I do, yet dare not say I ever meant,
I seem stark mute but inwardly to prate.
I am and not, I freeze and yet am burned.
...Since from myself another self I turned "
Yllä olevan kappaleen sanoitus perustuu Annen tyttären kuningatar Elizabethin runoon, joka kirjoitettu 1565.

Biographer Eric Ives evaluates the apparent contradictions in Anne's persona:
To us she appears inconsistent—religious yet aggressive, calculating yet emotional, with the light touch of the courtier yet the strong grip of the politician—but is this what she was, or merely what we strain to see through the opacity of the evidence? As for her inner life, short of a miraculous cache of new material, we shall never really know. Yet what does come to us across the centuries is the impression of a person who is strangely appealing to the early twenty-first century: A woman in her own right—taken on her own terms in a man’s world; a woman who mobilized her education, her style and her presence to outweigh the disadvantages of her sex; of only moderate good looks, but taking a court and a king by storm. Perhaps, in the end, it is Thomas Cromwell’s assessment that comes nearest: intelligence, spirit and courage.

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Teksti lähde: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Boleyn
Video from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnEw_HMUbh8&feature=player_embedded

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